August 13th, 2009

You Can Do It

It’s always amazing to me what people can do when they set their minds and hearts to the task. I’m reminded of the movie, As Good As It Gets probably because Jack Nicholson, an eccentric writer, had the courage and determination to overcome his obstacles, which in his case was his own OCD. Ultimately his life was so much better because he was determined to make it happen. This movie is a favorite of mine.

Whenever I believe a challenge is too tough, or the writing too slow, I remind myself, that yes, I am capable. Whatever we don’t know, we can learn. This is good to keep in mind with any occupation, but writing especially. There are many opportunities, challenges, and disappointments which come with this gig. We win some. We lose some. And thankfully people do come along to help us out sometimes. Those who specialize in areas we have no knowledge of. We would be lost otherwise.

Recently my daughter and I created a book trailer for my novel, Jack Rabbit Moon, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. For those who already have a book in print and for those who are hoping and planning to soon, I’ll share what I’ve learned along the way.

If you plan on doing this yourself, set aside around twenty hours or more to search for images, music and wording for your story. You’ll want to capture it as best you can.  Keep it short, under two minutes if you can. The advice was it’s more effective this way. The book trailer cost me a total of  $38.00 dollars to make, and this was for the royality free music. was where I found mine.  Not too bad all things considered.

You can certainly pay to have it done if this works better for you. charges $80.00 dollars for a book trailer and review. Circle of Seven productions produces classy ones also, but I’m not sure regarding price.

Images can be found free at,, and  There are many others. You can find a virtual wonderland of information online on the topic of book trailers, free images and royalty free music.

As Bruce Springsteen says in his song, Dancing In The Dark, “You can’t start a fire without a spark.” Keep those writing sparks flying and your fires burning.  Best of luck!

Official Book Trailer for novel, Jack Rabbit Moon

Click On This Link To Watch Book Trailer For JACK RABBIT MOON

August 10th, 2009


Aloha! In eighteen days I’ll be off to Hawaii for a six day writing retreat.  My second novel will be making the trip with me. I’ve never been, so I’m looking forward to not only polishing my writing, but hopefully having some time to explore. There will be much to  learn and plenty to share.  Meanwhile take good care of yourself and your writing!

August 7th, 2009

The Secret Ingredient

At times our words flow like glossy honey. Other times they are dry as stale cupcakes. When going well, writing is similar to baking, everything turning up cherry turnovers and lemon crepes that melt on the tongue. We are in the zone, cooking up sentences that zing. Look what we’ve created! Do taste. Eat. Here, you want more? We’ve got plenty. Boy, do we. We’re turning out stuff left and right. Take them off our hands, please!

Wouldn’t it be nice if fresh words were always on our fingertips? Like flour and raw sugar. To be honest I’m a little salty right now. Ingredients aren’t quite as exotic as I’d like. I’ve thrown in comma’s, period’s, apostrophe’s, colon’s, semi-colon’s, etc… but the main constituent, the prose, has gone missing from my pantry. Why, those dang kids have gone and moved my prose. Isn’t it just like a mother to blame the children? Well, maybe my husband hid those spicy words somewhere. Then I turn to the dog and he looks so innocent lying on blankie, fluttering his eyelids and waiting for nothing but love. No not the dog. He didn’t do anything.

Has your prose ever gone missing? Ever forgotten where you put the secret ingredient?

What to do. When I’m going through a rough patch in my writing I often think of how long it took me to learn the trick of making melt in your mouth biscuits. Even when they looked like flying disks, which was usually, I still served them for breakfast and called them scones. Everyone ate them, snarky comments included. I’d smile and say, “Yeah, I meant them to look that way.” Buckling down, I’d make them again and again, until finally I had the fluffy fanciful biscuit I remembered my Mom making.  This did take awhile. Okay, a year. But even now, with all that practice, they are sometimes yet flat. I chalk it up to humidity and know if I persevere those biscuits will rise once again.

And so it goes with words. They are never really missing, but waiting to be coaxed, kneaded, risen, sugared.

What do you do when your words won’t rise?

Free Ice Cream

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