April 30th, 2009

Crabby Old Man

Smile! People say that all the time. Here’s what I think they mean. It takes less energy to smile than to frown. Did you know that? Smiles are free. We can share them anytime, anywhere. We can toss them out like candy.  As a rule, mine stays well oiled but there are days when I don’t use it as much. For those of you who write fiction our words are meant to create emotion. It does our heart good to know we’ve made someone smile, laugh, cry or contemplate. This means we’ve drawn them in.

With that said, there’s an old man who walks around these parts. His smile has never been on. I made it my mission to flip the smile switch.  For two weeks whenever I passed, I’d smile and wave. Smile and wave. Smile and wave. Half the time he wouldn’t even peer at me, and when he did, I got the, “what the heck is your problem frown.”

I’m not one to give up, though.

In another week a miracle happened. Out of the blue he up and grinned at me. His smile looked like the sun.  Not only that but he waved too! And continued to do so whenever he saw me. The moral here is to never give up.  Share what you have and expect the best.  When you can get a crabby old man to smile life is sweet indeed.

Keep smiling,


April 28th, 2009

Free Ice Cream

Hey, would you like some free ice cream? It looks like you could use some. Who couldn’t, right?  I’d like to offer you some in the form of free writing tips and advice. Also please feel free to comment or share something you’ve found which might encourage others. Have you read any good books lately you’d like to share, or seen a website which caught your eye? We crave sweets so don’t be stingy.

I’ll also be posting some teasers from my newest novel: The Passion Flower Diary, so please check in frequently as you never know what you’ll find.  Now don’t devour this stuff too fast or you’ll get an ice cream headache!

Today’s flavor is chocolate.

Are you a budding novelist, trying to tell that certain story the world can’t live without? If so, here is a book I highly suggest, created by the editors of Writer’s Digest: The Writer’s Digest Handbook Of Novel Writing.  Practical advice and instruction for creating the novel- from first idea to plots and subplots to outlining and writing to contacting editors and working with ideas.

You will find everything you need in this sweet gem! Enjoy your free ice cream!

Very soon, I’ll post something from my upcoming novel, The Passion Flower Diary. A love story with a twist.  Girls, hopefully you will devour this. Meanwhile pop in for your daily dose of free ice cream.



Free Ice Cream

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