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Born to a military family in Munich, Germany, I came back to the states at a young age and lived happily on a Missouri farm with acreage to roam. Nature has always mesmerized me; the quiet, mysterious way she goes about her business. The landscape, with its kaleidoscope of color, sights, and sounds influence every page I write.

I have always loved land. Ours bordered the Mark Twain National Forest, which housed everything from bears to panthers. My most vivid memory was hearing a panther shriek from the creek bed below our house. The sound was comparable to a woman's blood curdling scream. It was something I have never forgotten.

Our area was steeped in ghost stories, too. A relative was always willing to scare me silly with a local legend or something they'd made up on the fly. The whisperings and tales were usually disclosed around a bonfire at campouts. Long after everyone had gone to sleep, I'd remain by the fire, senses raw, imagination in full bloom. A river, starry sky, and a story; what more could one ask for?

Family, that's what. Growing up with eight siblings taught me much about relationships. Even though some personalities are more complicated than others, all require love and understanding to flourish. With three children, the experience has not been wasted. Kids don't come with manuals, although they should. Raising them right will always be my most significant achievement.

Finding time for family, friends, commitments, and writing has been a challenge. There is a balance, but when you're passionate about something, the world makes a way for you.

Like most people, Dorraine Darden has had varied interests. She worked for the Forest Service, using a chainsaw, fighting forest fires, and going on soil digs. Before starting a family, she also taught ballroom dancing.

To her, every life is a story. Ordinary moments are really diamonds in disquise. A writer gathers them. Polishes them. Strings them into a word necklace.

She is a member of the Writers League of Texas and has written weekly newspaper articles, as well as writing for her community newsletter.

Dorraine is currently at work on a YA paranormal book trilogy. She and husband Bob live in Missouri with their two little dogs, Lucky and Annie.

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